25 August 2016

Tomas Bachot - Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life

Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life
by Tomas Bachot
Design by Maria Mitcheva
Interviews by Roxi Pop & Tomas Bachot
204 pages, 165mm x 240mm
printed in full color offset on 80g Cyclus Offset Paper
edition: 500
24 €  (shipping not included)

"T: Do you think that the woman in the picture represents the area?
– No.
T: Why not?
– I think you took this picture in the country you come from and show it here."


13 August 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!
by Fábio Miguel Roque
Edit & Graphic Design: Peter Oey
62 pages, A5
HP Indigo Print, Perfect Bound
Edition of 50, Numbered & Signed
All books comes with a 10x15 cm signed print
The first 15 copies comes with an A3 Poster
15,00 €

"I'm a dreamer. Usually, I don't remember my dreams. When I actually remember them, it's not a good sign. This book is my interpretation of some of these dreams."

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Lewis Bush - City of Dust

City of Dust
by Lewis Bush
28 pages, 29 x 38cm
digital printing on newsprint
Edition: 150
£5 + shipping

"Viewing London as a memory palace, this series acts as prequel to my 2015 book Metropole. While Metropole examined the new face of a rapidly transforming metropolis, City of Dust documents the traces of what is being lost in the process and uses these images as the basis for an esoteric and highly personal history of the city."

12 August 2016

Sandra Köstler - Postsadness Taipei

Postsadness Taipei
by Sandra Köstler
142 pages, 23 x 28 cm (9.06 x 11.02 inches)
Digital printing on Condat Matt Perigord
Edition: 150
35 € + shipping

"Postsadness Taipei is a documentary project using photography and text to capture Taipei´s ongoing change in between an authoritarian past and an uncertain future. It explores how modernization and the dichotomies of change are reflected in the everyday life and urban fabric of contemporary Taipei."

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Jeffrey Déragon - Oui, nous avons la TV française

Oui, nous avons la TV française
by Jeffrey Déragon
82 pp, 7 x 9 in (17,8 cm x 22,9 cm)
HP Indigo Print
Edition: 200
25$ + shipping

"Oui, nous avons la TV française is a photo essay on a group of seasonal immigrants from Quebec (known as 'snowbirds') living in the small gated community of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale. Midway between documentary and fiction, this book presents itself as an investigation on the limits of the self-titled "Southern Myth", i.e. an idealized vision of the Orange State as a promised land and as a prerequisite to the ultimate bloom of the American-Quebecers’ dreams."

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09 August 2016

Zoltan Enevold - FOTOFUN


by Zoltan Enevold

96 pages
8.5 x 6.75 inches (21 cm x 14,8 cm)
Softcover, perfect binding

Offset printing
Edition: 120 copies (Self-published) 

9.50€ + shipping

“As actors through life, we use different masks and make-ups in order to build our own personality but many times they´re just roles or identities. 
Through a collection of photos I found on the street and black & white bitmapsof these photos I try to represent the search of our identity.”

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Julie Hascoët - 0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY

0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY
by Julie Hascoët
Publisher self-published / co-produced with Myzantrop Soundsystem
48 pages (photo leaflet + text leaflet), 130 x 167 mm
Digital printing on Munken print white 115g (for the photo leaflet) + Munken Lynx 80g (for the text leaflet)
Edition: 200
8€ + shipping

"This zine is about a 24h-illegal-techno-party that happened in an old nightclub, organized by 4 different sound systems, and is co-produced by one of them. This publication is part of a project called « Murs de l’Atlantique » (Atlantic walls) which offers visual dialogue between two phenomena: the visible remains of the German Atlantic Wall (bunkers, blockhaus) which cover the coastline of Brittany on a permanent basis; and the « free parties » (illegal techno parties) emerging spontaneously in the countryside and on the coast, before immediately disappearing. This project is translated into a series of photographs, installations and independent publications."

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30 July 2016

Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar - Zoopark #1 Magazine

Zoopark #1 Magazine
by Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar
34 pages, A4 size
Digital offset printing
Edition: 100 copies with texts in English + 50 copies with texts in Russian
20 € + shipping

"Zoopark Magazine is a collaborative project of two Russian photographers, Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar. The project is based on dialog between photographs of the two authors including the interplay of meanings at the junction of photography, text and graphic art."

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27 July 2016

Cristobal Benavente - Blanco Roto

Blanco Roto
by Cristobal Benavente
Text by Ignacio Navas
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Digital laser color print on cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
10 eur + shipping costs

"Dear traveler, you are probably taking a rest from walking around the White Towns, thinking about their streets or a lovely dinner that you had in a bar. I am going to let you in a secret: There is a magical place in Andalusia, a place that finds you while you are drifting back to your memories (...)."

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Zoltan Enevold - From Batangas to Roxas

From Batangas to Roxas
by Zoltan Enevold
20 pages
8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm)
Softcover, stapled
Digital printing
Edition: 20  copies (Self-published)
3.90€ + shipping

“Temporarily suspended in time, sailing between islands, the ferry travelers look thoughtfuly at the sea, which transmits peace and unrest. Its immensity appeases and overwhelms at the same time.”

26 July 2016

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - Untitled (Newspaper)

Untitled (Newspaper)
By Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
32 pages, 69 photographic illustrations, 40 x 56 cm/15,75, x 22,05 inches
Coldset Print
Edition of 2000

"As early as 1927, the artist László Moholy-Nagy predicted the illiterates of the future would be those without knowledge of photography. The project Untitled (Newspaper) addresses this issue by emphasizing the complicated relationship between creator, recipient and content. Consisting of archival materials recycled from online news sources over the past two years, the piece orchestrates a new context in which the various photographs can be interpreted separately and together in an unresolved narrative."

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Sergio Castañeira - Ciudad Sur

Ciudad Sur
by Sergio Castañeira
58 pages, A5
Softcover with red plastic cover, coated matt paper 150 g/m
Offset printing,
Edition: 1000
15€ + shipping

“It was not an image, nor a sound: it was only a rhythm that - from time to time - attempted to be both.  Only then I began to discover the city, which up until that moment had almost passed unperceived.” - Peter Handke

22 July 2016

Alexander Bondar - Warm Inside

Warm Inside
by Alexander Bondar
size:  A5, 64 pages
Digital offset printing
Edition 50, signed and numbered + 10 special edition with print
20 EUR + 3EUR shipping

"Illustrations in this book are based on photographs that were made in wintertime in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. High contrast in the images and elements of collage are used to make photographs more abstract and withdraw them further from the real life. Objects and human figures lose their individuality and become mere symbols that create some kind of a strange narrative."

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Anastasia Lobanova and Anna Block - Last Days of Snow

Last Days of Snow
by Anastasia Lobanova and Anna Block
40 pages + cover, 15 x 23 cm (approx.), 27 pictures
digital offset, 120g paper
manually stitched, numbered and signed by both authors
self-published, Moscow, 2016
edition 60
18€ including regular shipping with Russian Post (takes about 2 weeks to Europe)

"These pictures, like perpetual water flows, know no beginning and no end, they aim to inundate you. Instead of telling our story they draw you in so that you might see your own."

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Nat Urazmetova - Persimmon’s Fruit

The Persimmon’s Fruit
by Nat Urazmetova
120 pp, 165x232 mm
Hardback, Offset printing on 170gsm Munken Lynx paper
1st Edition of 250
 £25 + shipping costs

"The Persimmon’s Fruit is an intimate photographic essay by Nat Urazmetova. Depicting the author’s journey to Japan, it seeks the new sensibilities and subtler connections unfolding when imagery and poetry loop together in a book format. Rather than attempting to arrive at something descriptive and concrete, the book is instead trailing the elusive atmosphere, accentuating the beauty in imperfections and incompleteness, through light and shadow, contours and fragments, whispers and feelings."

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Ana Zaragoza - Cádiz, The Oldest City

Cádiz, The Oldest City
by Ana Zaragoza
Correction of texts: Roberto Villalón y Nacho Moreno
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
A6 size, 24 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print on Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping costs

"Cádiz is the Mermaid of the Ocean according to Byron. Venturing in the heart of the city is like walking back in time. Its walls, worn out by the weight of time, are a witness to historical milestones. From its harbour, Hannibal embarked on a quest to conquer Italy and Christopher Columbus set sails towards the discovery of the Indies. (...)"

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Christian Reister - DRIFTWOOD 2 | Amerika

DRIFTWOOD 2 | Amerika
by Christian Reister
60 b/w pages
14.8 x 21 cm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches
digital printing, saddle stitch 
Edition: 50
€ 40 + shipping
Note: Price is for the first 4 issues of Driftwood. Each will be shipped by the date of release
(2 published, 2 more to come)

"Notes from the road, May 22 - June 11, 2016"

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Nick Tauro Jr. - Saudade

by Nick Tauro Jr.
80 pages, 200 x 200 mm
HP Indigo Print
Paper: Couché mat 150g
Perfect Bound
22,00 € + shipping
Edition of 50, Numbered (30 regular edition copies and 20 special edition copies)

"The photographs in this book are the result of an artist residency that American photographer Nick Tauro Jr. completed in Portugal"

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06 July 2016

Pablo Casino - barespagnol

by Pablo Casino
80 pp, 16 x 25 cm /6.3 x 9.8 inches
HP Indigo printing
1st edition of 100
22 € + shipping costs

"Around 1970, the number of Spanish emigrants living in Brussels reached 30.000. The people of this colony started up, among other structures, more than one hundred bars and shops for Spaniards. Nowadays barely half a dozen of these places remain open, in which the pictures included in this book were taken."

Rusty Fox & Chong Hoi - Brutal

by Rusty Fox & Chong Hoi
288pages, 20x28cm
Offset printing
Edition of 300
Price £40 + Shipping

"We are Chong Hoi & Rusty Fox, photographers from Macao. We have recently published an experimental photo-book project incorporating design, electronic music, and poetry with our photography. We began this project with an Eastern philosophy, using a fable to represent our dystopian feeling of this world."

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Hean Kuan - HOME TOWN

by Hean Kuan
40 pages x 2 books in a set, 148 x 210 mm
digital printing
Edition 50 ( 40 for sale)
USD10 + shipping

"Couple of years of strolling the street days and nights in his home town Penang Island, Malaysia, Hean Kuan was finally made his debut “HOME TOWN” from his body of work. Full bleed of photographs captured from year 2014 to 2016 are compiled into two books of A5 sized PHOTOZINE."

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04 July 2016

Pascal Anders - Great Los Angeles Apartments

Great Los Angeles Apartments
by Pascal Anders
52 pages, 32 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
Color Offset printed
First edition of 100 copies

“Great Los Angeles Apartments features images of well-known apartments of the Los Angeles area.“

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03 July 2016

Neil Thain-Gray - Personal Space

Personal Space
by Neil Thain-Gray
36 pages, 15.3 x 22.9cm / 6x9 inches
Soft-cover, printed on HP Indigo Digital, iPrint Digital Uncoated 250gsm cover & 120gsm text, flyleaf GF Smith Colorplan 135gsm fuchsia pink, saddle-stitched with copper wire
£12.00 + shipping

"Bold colour-saturated compositions present fragments of Glasgow, Birmingham, London & New York like pieces of a puzzle, slowly revealing patterns.  Dirty, full of life in texture, colour and form, Personal Space is part of the artist’s lifelong project photographing how we structure, design and navigate our built environment in order to better understand our own internal world."

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01 July 2016

Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #8

Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #8
by Christophe Le Toquin
24 pp., 18 x 24 cm
Digital printing
Edition: 50
15 euros + shipping

"This book is the eighth in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, water in volume #2, public places and equipment in volume #3, typology of networks in volume #4, fences and boundaries in volume #5, housing and residential estates in volume #6, signs and typography in volume #7, volume #8 is dedicated to the industrial estate with a text by Bruno Marmiroli, Architect and Landscape designer."

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Patrick Joseph - Poet Fool

Poet Fool
by Patrick Joseph
128 pages, A5 Portrait (14.8 x 21 cm)
Digital Toner Print, 150gsm Munken Offset
Paperback with flaps, Perfect-bound (PUR)
B&W Cover, Full Colour Inside, Matt
Limited First Edition of 100
£20 GBP + shipping

"Poet Fool is a catalogue of raw graffiti found in the streets of Europe and beyond. Documented, curated and assembled conceptually by the artist, it contains 100+ images covering 15 cities (Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Marrakech & others) and nine languages (English, French, German, Spanish & others) over five years (2011-2015). The book invites the viewer to discover fragments of stories and ideas left behind by anonymous people in public spaces, reflecting human experience from recent history and exposing apparent conflicts between love and hate, freedom and control, hope and despair."

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Stephen Voss - In Training

In Training
by Stephen Voss
additional contributors: Michael Hagedorn
128 pages. 10.5" x 12", 26.7cm x 30.5cm
Offset printing
Edition: 2000 copies
$65 USD + shipping

"I began making the photos of each tree as a sort of respite, an excuse to be near something beautiful and to appraise it fully, without the usual time constraints I had grown accustomed to in my professional work. The bonsai, themselves, seemed the very opposite of the subjects I usually photographed—they stood before me fully present, their sense of time measured in decades, even centuries. From my first glimpse of the trees all those years ago, I knew implicitly that there was something to be learned from them, from their endurance and quiet dignity."

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Eden Lai, Claudia Pomowski & Peter Oey - Octave #2

Octave #2
By Eden Lai, Claudia Pomowski & Peter Oey
Handmade, Japanese stab stitched
32 Pages, 14,8 x 21,0 cm
Laser printed
Edition 30
Price €21,00 + shipping

"Grabbing images with scissors or a camera, capturing collages on the fly or arrange collages from captures, not much difference, the glue is in your mind."

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22 June 2016

Marco van Duyvendijk - Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu

Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu
by Marco van Duyvendijk
80 pages (20 by 25 cm) and two minibooks (12 pages, 14 by 18cm)
Offset printing, embossing on the cover
Edition 700
35 euro (plus 6 euro shipping costs outside the Netherlands)

"Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu tells the story of the kimonos of the Japanese island Amami. It is a poetic photo series about the beauty of kimonos and how they are traditionally produced. Combined with a series of intimate portraits and images of nature, the book has a gentle rhythm in which it shows a quiet and slowly vanishing world full of craft and dedication."

17 June 2016

Davide Palmisano - Timeless Persia

Timeless Persia
by Davide Palmisano
edited by Paola Riccardi
text (italian and persian) by Davide Palmisano, Paola Riccardi, Antonello Sacchetti
96 pages, 16,5x24 cm
digital hp indigo print on paper gardapat 13 kiara, 150 g/mq softcover
first edition of 150 copies, signed and numbered
28 euro + shipping

"Iran is a country with no time. The story becomes narration - when even poetry - up to often confused with the experience of the same narrator. Timeless Persia is a photographic story that expresses the contrasts and contradictions of Iran, and at the same time being a story of a personal journey."

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Fábio Miguel Roque - Thirteen

Fábio Miguel Roque
36 pages, A5
Black and White Digital Print
Inside Paper - Classic demimatt - Couché Mate 130 gr
Cover Paper - Classic demimatt - Couché mate 300gr
Edition of 40, signed & numbered
6 € + shipping

"The Miracle of the Sun (Portuguese: O Milagre do Sol) was an event which occurred just after midday on Sunday 13 October 1917, attended by some 30,000 to 100,000 people who were gathered near Fátima, Portugal."

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09 June 2016

Aurelija Maknyte - Burning Slides

Burning Slides
by Aurelija Maknyte
published by NoRoutine Books
48 pages, 15x16.5 cm
offset printing
Edition 99 + 1AP
25 Euros + Shipping

"Touched by the flame, images retrieved from strangers’ archives change their structure. The nature and urban scenes they originally depicted mutate into abstract glimmers of parallel worlds. Creative rather than destructive, the flame expands the borders of perception and interpretation of these images, opening up paradoxical depth in their surface seemingly out of nothing."

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Jeremy Gibbs - All is not lost

All is not lost
by Jeremy Gibbs (aka RomanyWG)
168 pp,  325 x 240 x18mm / 13" x 9 1/2" x 3/4"
Offset printing
Edition: 500
£29.95 /   $43.50 /  38 Euros

"All is not lost has been five years in the making and elevates RomanyWG’s work to a new level. Working with a select group of extraordinarily fearless models, his photographs capture a different kind of beauty in abandoned buildings. These exceptional and moving photographs of female beauty and power distil the essence of defiance against the ravages of time and open a new chapter in Urbex photography."

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08 June 2016

Rafael Tanaka Monzo, Fábio M. Roque & Peter Oey - Octave #1

Octave #1
By Rafael Tanaka Monzo, Fábio M. Roque & Peter Oey
Handmade, Japanese stab stitched
32 Pages, 14,8 x 21,0 cm
Laser printed
Edition: 30
Price €21,00 + shipping

"This book is the result of a jam session by three photographers. Images drawn from our photo archives. We liked to give our photo orphans a chance to show themselves."


Paul Musescu - s1xte6n

by Paul Musescu
editor and design Cristian Bassa
80 pages, 21*21cm, black and white, matte paper 170g
Digital Print, Selfpublished
Limited First Edition of 100 signed and numbered photobooks
Price: 25 € (international shipping included)

"The photobook "s1xte6n" represents the photographic journey imagined by Paul Musescu throughout his 16 years of existence. The experiences are essentialized then captured in black and white images full of emotions and subtle symbols revealing themselves to the viewer at every step into this journey. Beyond the narrative line the 32 photos in the book create a story about inadequacy and revolt, about the struggle to preserve one’s individuality, about the difficulties and joy of teenage life and about a dark future yet with much hope and beauty."

John Menneer - The Art of Ordinary

The Art of Ordinary
by John Menneer
Softcover, Saddle stitched
32 pages + cover, 200 x 140 mm / 8.27 x 5.83 inches
31 black and white photos
Digital printing, 130gsm Munken paper
1st Edition print run of 30

New Zealand: $15.00 NZD Incl. shipping
Rest of World: $17.00 NZD (~$12.00USD) Incl. shipping

"Here is a research monograph that searched out some beauty in our imperfect material world - a search for Form in simple expression. The book design and layout inspiration came from old handbooks and field guides that were prevalent during the early to mid 1900's. A particularly dry one called the Art of Delivery (for lawn bowlers) was used for the design of this book."


07 June 2016

Matt Plezier - Test Press.

Test Press.
Collecting Random Observations
by Matt Plezier
84 pages, 15*21cm
Digital print, soft cover, 170 gr biotop paper
Edition: 75
Price: €12,50 + postage

"Test Press. is Matt Plezier's first book. Based on work he did for the R/NDOM zine series. Ranging from urban photography to copied collages and posters. It comes housed in a sturdy silkscreened dust cover."

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03 June 2016

Yurian Quintanas - Indago

by Yurian Quintanas
Published by Editions 77, Ediciones Anomalas and Witty Kiwi Books
80 pages, 24*32cm
Offset printing, arcoprint milk 150g & gardapat kiara 200g
Edition: 1000
Price: 29€

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." - Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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30 May 2016

Bertil Nilsson - Naturally

by Bertil Nilsson
110 pages, 30x26 cm (12 x 10 in.)
Offset printing with UV inks
Edition: 500 copies
Price: £30 + shipping

"Naturally is the result of Nilsson’s works over three years, going on adventures into the wilderness and collaborating with male dancers and acrobats to create spontaneous performances documented with the camera. In scenes ranging from mysterious to emotive, the landscape and body is transformed by my addition of red, black and white color pigments. The book, carefully designed and produced by Nilsson in the tradition of an artist's book, bring together images, form and a layered narrative of chaos and order."

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28 May 2016

Patrick Morarescu & Heinrich Obst - Salon Rouge

Salon Rouge
by Patrick Morarescu & Heinrich Obst
40 pages, 17 x 24cm
Digital printing / Soft cover
Edition: 200
Price: 10€ (+shipping: Germany 1,50€ / World 3,80€)

"One might consider the Salon Rouge as a small temporary enclave, an eddy of consideration in which the projected & photographically captured persona comes to the fore... the one between the public face and the mirror gaze, doubtful and self-conscious, but caught in an unguarded moment while outside the city is locked down in a red alert and the world raves on. A classic studio-setup without the intimidating high-tech environment, closing in on that humorous “punktum” that was the original point of departure. A suite of portraits taken at Buktapaktop in Brussels as part of a performance-installation “Zut! Mon Humour” conceived by Patrick Morarescu and Heinrich Obst in November 2015."

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Mauricio Amarante - Buenos Aires XXMIII

Buenos Aires XXMIII
by Mauricio Amarante
editing and conception by Joseph Charroy
96 pages,148 x 194 mm, 77 plates
offset printing on Munken print white 150 gr
soft cover
edition of 300
price: 15 € + shipping

"Drifting in the streets of Buenos Aires."

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Laura J. Padgett - Confined Space

Confined Space
by  Laura J. Padgett
text by Gregory Buchakjian
Published by Galerie Rautenstrauch and Anke Ehle-Barthel
48 pages, 18 x 25,5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500 
18 € + shippinh

"The publication of Laura J. Padgettshows photographs that were taken during several travels across the Libanon. The conceptual atmospheric studies tell about the meaning of instability: with the view at a country that is characterized of civil war, destruction and development, the everyday life in temporary solutions."

25 May 2016

Tomaso Clavarino - A Humble Bow

A Humble Bow
by Tomaso Clavarino
Published by The Unknown Books
Editing: Fabio Miguel Roque/Tomaso Clavarino
Design: Nicolas Vargas
84 pages, 24x17 cm
Hard Cover, HP Indigo Print on Garda Pat Kiara 135g
Edition: 200
30.00 € (free shipping worldwide)

"A journey for try to understand how sex and sexuality, dynamics of power, violence and sentiments intertwine in human relations."

19 May 2016

Various artists - Pataphysics: the Mirage issue

Pataphysics - the Mirage issue
Edited by Yanni Florence
Additional contributors: Brook Andrew, Hany Armanious, Del Kathryn Barton, Marcus Bergner , Stephen Bram, Claude Cahun, Mark Cohen, Fiona Connor, Mikala Dwyer, Hans Eijkelboom, Ivars Gravlejs, Janina Green, Eliza Hutchison, David Noonan, Ron Padgett, Barrington Vincent Sherman, Michael Williams, Konrad Winkler

158 pages, 21cm x 29cm
Soft cover
Edition of 400
20 AUD$

"Features: Mark Cohen photographs and interview; Hans Eijkelboom's 1973 In the News Paper, in which he contrived to appear on 10 consecutive days in a newspaper photograph; Ivars Gravlejs' photographs from and interview about his book Early Works; and Ron Padgett writing about his meetings with Man Ray."

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17 May 2016

Edoardo Hahn - Landscape Materials

Landscape Materials
by Edoardo Hahn
Text by Steve Bisson; Nicola Braghieri
104 pages, 20.5 x 26.5 cm / 8 x 10,4 inches
Four colour offset printing
Edition: 500
30€ + shipping

"The landscape is not something whose borders we can control, and define unambiguously the context. We should radically reject the claim, all human, to rationalize the landscape, or to describe it, to own it, to set it aside."

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08 May 2016

Roberto Saba - KYOTO GA

by Roberto Saba
44 pages, 40 photos, 14,8 x 21 cm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Digitally printed
Edition: 75 numbered and signed copies
Price: €9,00 + shipping

"Pictures of Kyoto."

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05 May 2016

Attilio Solzi - The Car

The Car
by Attilio Solzi
80 pages, A5
Perfect Bound
HP Indigo Print
Cover - White offset paper 300 gr
Inside - White offset paper 150 gr
Edition of 75, numbered
15,00 € + shipping

"The Car, is an amazing book that shows us a reality for many of us known, but fairly unexplored in the artistic context. Sex in the car!"

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John Gossage - A Dozen Failures

A Dozen Failures
by John Gossage
48 pages, 18 plates, hardbound 9.5” x 11.5”, one fold-out poster 17” x 21"
Tritone printing
Edition: 700
$50 + shipping

"A Dozen Failures is both a singular statement as a photobook and a commentary on a life spent making some of the classic photobooks of our time, among them The Pond, There and Gone, The Romance Industry, and Berlin in the Time of the Wall. Every photograph is in some way perfect (as a technical feat) and in another way a failure (as representational “residue”). So what makes a picture a “failure” – something worthy of further contemplation? It goes far deeper than merely being a mistake. Failures teach us about life and the self in ways as powerful as – and far more confoundingly than – successes."

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Izaac Enciso - Symbols

by Izaac Enciso
112 Pages, 21 x 15 cm, 8.27 x 5.9 inch
Flexi Bound, Full Colour printing
Edition: 500
$38 USD + shipping

"Symbols is the debut photo book by Los Angeles based, Mexican-born visual artist Izaac Enciso, and documents his pedestrian encounters with various urban environments."

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Sébastien Tixier - Allanngorpoq

by Sébastien Tixier
foreword by Stéphane Victor
132 pages, 23x28.5 cm (9.06 x 11.22 inches)
hardcover, 150g paper
offset printing
edition : 500
35€ + shipping

"Greenland is suffering the effects of climate change and over the last few decades its people begin to embrace Western lifestyles and modes of consumption in parallel. Supermarkets and cell phones are slowly making their way into Inuit culture, and traditional outfits made from animal hides are now only used in the North for sled journeys. From the 67th to the 77th parallel north, from modern towns to nights in tent on the sea ice hunting seals, this book provide an artist's look on these contrasts over the country."

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27 April 2016

Johannes Groht - Im Tal der Zeichen (Kosmografien aus dem Schams)

Im Tal der Zeichen
Kosmografien aus dem Schams
by Johannes Groht
14,8 x 21 cm, 348 pages, open thread-stitching
all black and white pictures
Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered and signed copies 
Comes with full colour C-Print, 14,3 x 20,3 cm, hand-numbered and signed on the back side, in glassine cover
68 € (plus shipping costs)

"Black lines, meandering, gathering and knotting, winding to signs, faces, and landscapes – calligraphy? Rock art? Abstract expressionism? The black lines are marks of repair works on the streets of a swiss alpine valley, called the Schams. Where frost and heat afflict the tarmac, the cracks get fixed with hot asphalt. These repainted fractures are isolated from photographs and remain as abstract forms."

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